About Us.

Here at nylotterynumber.com, we are mostly concerned about how the lottery games actually work. Simply put, we've created a series of random number generators that will actually simulate a game play. All of the games adhere to the rules of the game, whether it be Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 4, etc. On the Pick 4 game page, we display all of the possible combinations of that game. The odds for Pick 4 we discovered are actually 1 in 10,000. Eventually, your chances of winning will get better over time, it's just all probability and a little luck.

We hope you have fun with the random number pickers and also with the Pick 4 wide range of possibilities.

More games and puzzles will soon be added to the site as we evolve and continue to produce more fun challenging and hopefully useful and profitable tools you can use to play the lottery. Thank you for visiting.